SV100A – Whole Body Vibration Analyser

The SV 100A measures the A(8) vibration exposure and the overall vibration total value (VECTOR) in accordance with ISO 2631-1 and EU Directive 2002/44/EC. The A(8) result is given in:

m/s2 (RMS), m/s1.75 (VDV) and points. The SV 100A monitors the time left to limits and activates the alarm when the limits are reached.

The force sensors in the SV 100A automatically detect the presence of a user or vehicle driver which enables real daily exposure calculations for the period of time when the user is in contact with the vibrating surface.

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Human Vibration Analyser – Six Channel, Hand Arm and Whole Body Measurements, , 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Analysis, A(8) Daily exposure measurement.  

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Personal Daily Vibration Exposure Meter – ISO8041, Tri-Axial Accelerometer, Contact Force measurement, 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Analysis, Time Domain Signal recording 8GB memory, OLED Display, Pre-defined setups.            

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4 Channel , 20KHz Real time Sound and Vibration Analyser, 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Analysis, FFT, Reverberation, Sound Intensity, Human Vibration Measurements. SVAN PC++ Software

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Noise and Ground Vibration Measurement System – Tri-Axial Vibration and Noise Measurement, Root mean square acceleration time history logger, Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) assessment, Vibration Dose Value (VDV), Weighting filters, FFT and WAV Recording, GSM, LAN, WLAN Options.

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SV110 – Hand Held Vibration Calibrator

The SV 110 is a hand-held vibration calibrator designed for on-site checks of hand-arm vibration meters in accordance to ISO 8041 both at 80 Hz and 160 Hz. The menu is simply operated by three push-buttons and a small OLED display. Depending on a chosen frequency, a user may select a calibration range from 1 m/s2 to 10 m/s2.

The SV 110 is a perfect solution for calibration checks of hand-arm vibration meters including Svantek's SV103 and SV106. Following the requirements of ISO 8041, the calibrator's built-in tri-axial reference accelerometer measures the cross-axis (transverse) vibrations to detect any interference to the calibration signal. Faults caused by transverse vibrations are indicated by LED on the calibrator's housing. This unique solution ensures stability of both calibration level & frequency, independent from the mass of the test object.
A small size of the SV110 makes it very useful for calibration checks of various types of machine vibration accelerometers.

The calibrator menu provides selection between both metric systems 'g' and 'm/s2' as well as choice of frequency unit between Hertz (Hz) and Cycle Per Minute (CPM).
Accelerometers are conveniently attached using a mounting stud, a mounting disc or a dedicated adapter.

The calibrator has a built-in rechargeable batteries that typically power it for 12 hours of continuous operation.

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Vibration Calibrator – Self Contained portable unit, Calibration of all Vibration Transducers, In field Accelerometer, Automatic fault detection, Rechargeable battery.  

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