The Edge eg5 model is a cable-free personal noise dosimeter with Intrinsic Safety approvals from SANS, MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA (US and Canada), and Simtars (IECEx) for use in potentially hazardous environments such as mines, petrochemical sites, and manufacturing facilities. The Edge eg5 noise dosimeter offers users a lighter, more ergonomic method to monitor noise levels with its compact contoured design, advanced feature set and intrinsic safety certification.


Type 2 Personal Noise Dosimeter – Data Logging, Shoulder Mount, Shock resistant MEMS Microphone, Built in Vibration detection, High Contrast OLED Display, 1/1 Octave Analysis Option,8GB Memory, Audio recording, Voice tagging, Automatic calibration


Lifetime Warranty on the Microphone – 3 year Warranty on the Instrument


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SV104 IS

New Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter with Optional 1/1 Octave frequency analyser, Audio events recording, Voice note recording, MEMS Microphone technology, Vibration detection, Supervisor Software included.

Lifetime Warranty on the Microphone – 3 year Warranty on the Instrument

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Type 2 Acoustic Calibrator

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Dual Channel Acoustic Dosimeter, MIRE Capability, Audio Events recording, OLED Display, Real time Octave analysis Option.

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Designed for ANSI and IEC Class/Type 1 meters, the AC-300 makes it easy to calibrate your instrument before and after each series of measurements. It produces two signals, 250 Hz or 1,000 Hz at a sound pressure level of 114 dB, allowing for selection of the mode that best fits your application. A quick and easy process, users simply insert the microphone of the instrument into the AC-300 calibrator, select the signal from its simple one-button keypad, and calibrate.


Supervisor Software Supplied with Instruments               

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DMS - Detection Management Software

Designed for Dosimetry, Sound level measurements, Heat stress assessments and Environmental monitoring, the software helps safety and occupational professionals

- Retrieve, download, share and save instrument data
- Generate charts and reports
- Export and share recorded data
- Perform ‘what if’ analysis
- Set up instruments and check for firmware updates.